I love being a designer. I’ve been designing for over 39 years. I've designed signage to get you somewhere or tell you about something. Brochures to get you to buy things or help you learn about something new. Flyers and mailers about new and used products with reasons to spend your money and to help do something more efficiently or effectively. Websites that guide and teach or just explain. Products that are new and innovative. Learning that is cutting-edge, provocative, shocking, and engaging. I’ve been designing new ways of thinking, new ways of working together for a cause, and innovative ways and products that make life easier.
Design is a passion. A passion for how the design of something can affect a person’s emotions. If you feel something, you’ll take action. I’ve been this way all my life. Passionate about creating great designs that move you to do something. The way we connect with something on an emotional level. I’ve been designing learning experiences that teach students how to put emotion and human-centeredness at the forefront of design. Because when you design for humans and emotions, you connect with people.
I have worked for several for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations as a graphic designer, senior graphic designer, art director, senior art director, etc. I love every part of being a designer, client meetings, demographics and user research, initial sketches, brainstorming ideas, photography, videography, client pitches, user feedback, etc. I especially enjoy being able to affect people in positive ways with the designs I create.
I have used all of the Creative Suite software for over 20 years. After 20-plus years of working in all fields of design: graphics, UX, product, packaging, visual, web, etc. I wanted to learn more. I graduated with a BA in Instructional Design with an emphasis on Human Factors. I created inspiring online learning for higher education. I spent 7 years focusing on designing for learning while still doing graphic design at the same time, creating designs that inspire and engage people.
Great design affects learning. I have always been intrigued by how design can affect what a person feels and how they act. This desire of mine has led me to teach. I’m currently an adjunct professor at Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, teaching classes in graphic and user experience design. I’m leading an on-campus human-centered design agency that offers paid internships for students in all majors. We work on large campus and community problems, solving them in an innovative way.
Human-centered design is the future. I am currently working on an MA in Human-centered design. I apply human-centered design to all areas of design and education. I want to instill in students, that if they continue to design in a human-centered way, we CAN ALL change in the world.
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