I believe that all students can learn and want to learn. I believe that students learn best from each other and in one-on-one interactions. As educators, we need to meet students where they are, move them forward, and prepare them for work in the real world. Technology plays an important role in the way today's students receive and share information. I believe in Connectivism learning theory, which focuses on collaborative learning and social and cultural factors.
I believe that using human-centered learning begins with deep empathy and understanding of the needs and motivations of students. Using the Design Thinking process with students to develop solutions to problems allows them to see the value in human-centered design and the solutions they come up with for any given problem. Design Thinking is the fundamental belief that we all can create change—no matter how big a problem, how little time, or how small a budget. That kind of optimism is well-needed in education.
I embrace the mistakes of myself and my students to create a learning environment that allows them to feel comfortable enough to take chances and try new methods that are outside of their comfort zones.

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